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Renegade, Bethnal Green, London, England

Renegade, Bethnal Green, London, England

Who: Renegade was founded by Midlands native and asset manager (in another life), Warwick Smith in 2016. This tiny urban winery is nestled in the arches of Bethnal Green. Blink and you could almost miss it! Warwick would be the first to tell you that Renegade is forever morphing and changing as they source fruit from different farmers, regions and countries. Each year brings a new collection of wines and styles to keep you hooked..!

Where: Whilst they are still not growing grapes in the depths of Hackney, they are across the lands of England & the plains of Europe. Warwick sources about half of his fruit from the UK and the rest from Europe; France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal. Funnily enough, it is now illegal to buy grapes from non-EU countries to make in the UK thanks to Brexit. Making this a very illegal number indeed..!

What: Renegade ‘Vern’ 2017, London, England £26

A classic ‘Bordeaux blend’ with 65% Merlot and 35% Cabernet Sauvignon. These organic grapes were raised near the town of Fier, coastal Albania. Once the grapes have made their wine to east London, they go through a wild fermentation. 25% of the grapes are left as whole bunches whilst the rest is hand destemmed. Warwick got creative when it came to ageing this wine; there is a mixture of french oak, chestnut barrels, as well as ex-Bourbon whisky barrels. It ages for 18 months before being bottled.